Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Cutting Sydney

Diamond sawing

If you are looking for precision and speed, then diamond sawing is one of the most trusted methods. The diamond sawing is used to save concrete from breakage and want a quitter and a less vibrant working environment.

Concrete wall sawing

Fix on the track-mounted equipment; the concrete wall sawing uses a round blade to go effortlessly on a wall. This technique is considered optimal for concrete ceilings and walls of more than 40 cm thickness.

Wire sawing

If you plan to initiate a large cutting project, then the wire sawing method is the best you got. This sawing method uses a multi-strand cable connect with diamond segments in a pulley system, which is then attached to a hydraulic wheel. When the wheel gets pulled, the wire cuts the concrete with utmost precision.

Flat Drilling

Also known as slab sawing, is a popularĀ concrete grinding machine hire concrete sawing method for floors and pavement related surfaces. This sawing method provides you with access to nay broken wiring or pipes under concrete flooring.
Tips For Efficient Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting, as already mentioned, required proper technique and experience. So here are some tips and tricks to carry on your concrete cutting endeavour effectively.

Choose wisely

The selection of saw is utterly essential when it comes to concrete cutting. You can choose from the list mentioned above of the cutting method according to your requirements.

Sharp blades

Always keep your tool updated and ready to avoid any delays and damages. Pay attention to the sharpness of the saw blade to prevent damages to the concrete.